Congratulations to Our Mom’s Coffee and Maid Service Giveaway Winner!

Woohoo! We have a winner for our September giveaway. Sandra L. from Applegate, CA. Sandra wins maid service for a year, plus a year's supply of her favorite Mom's Coffee. If you entered the giveaway and didn't win… bummer. We're sorry. Maybe we can make it up to you with a fresh, new giveaway. Yeah… let's do that! What should we give away next? Let us know in the comments below and we'll give you a month of free coffee if we use [...]


Mom’s Coffee & Maid Service Giveaway

Mom's Coffee & Maid Service Giveaway1 Year of Maid Service + 1 Year of Mom's Coffee. Worth up to $4,379 Giveaway ends in: 07 Days 07 Hours 37 Minutes 42 Seconds Click Here to Claim Your Entry If you're a mom, you know the cleaning never ends... because the fun-having, mess-making, life-living family time never ends.Now that summer's over and school's starting, Mom's Coffee thinks you deserve a break. We can't stop the mess from happening... but your professional maid can make it disappear. Yay! You get your sparkling home [...]