DIY Coffee Skin Care that Actually Works!

Don’t throw away your Mom’s Coffee grounds! They’re still good. Well, not for drinking. But did you know that your coffee grounds are great for your skin too?! It’s True! When I’m not mom-ing I'm coffee-ing for moms, and I love finding ways to get extra life out of the things I use every day. So, it’s no surprise I wanted to learn how I can do more with my Mom’s Coffee. Turns out that the antioxidants and caffeine in high quality [...]


7 Easy DIY Kid Costumes

Spooky Season is here! You know what that means … costumes, AND, if you're anything like me, chances are you haven't thought much about costumes yet. Life is crazy, so I thought I'd share this for some inspiration.  I’m a believer that homemade costumes are way cuter! Plus, they can be cheap and easy too. Here are 7 of my favorite DIY costumes I found while searching this last week. If you're still looking for some super cute ideas, I hope [...]


It’s Official… Drink Coffee, Live Longer

I always deeply wanted this to be true… and now it’s been proven. Researchers in California recently found that people who drink alcohol in moderation and 2 or more cups of coffee per day actually live longer than those who don’t drink coffee. Tell me that isn’t the best news you’ve heard all day. And that’s not all. Those same researchers found that people who were slightly overweight in their 70s lived longer than normal and underweight people did. Right on… score [...]